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Trotec is pleased to unveil the newest member of the Speedy product line. Developed with productivity, flexibility and usability in mind, the innovative Speedy 360 was designed with a brand new focus mode based on ultrasonic sensors for highest accuracy: the Sonar Technology TM. The laser’s working area (813 x 508 mm) enables operators to use more standardized material sizes. In addition, the compact design and the very wide range of options makes the Speedy 360 a versatile tool.The compact design makes the Speedy
360 a versatile tool, especially when
limited space is an issue.

speedy 360 available with CO2 or fiber laser or both
• Performance upgrade: higher processing speed
Laser power upgrade: more laser power
• Software upgrade: More functions to control your
Speedy 360
• Extended warranty: up to 5 years.

Technical details:

Speedy 360 co2

Speedy 360 Fiber

Speedy 360 Flexx

Overall dimensions (W x D x H):

1221 x 790 x 1055 mm

1221 x 790 x 1055 mm

1221 x 790 x 1055 mm

Working area

813 x 508 mm

813 x 508 mm

813 x 508 mm

Max. height of workpiece:

280 mm


280 mm

Max. engraving speed

355 cm / second,
acceleration 5g

200 cm / second,
acceleration 5g

CO2-Laser: 355 cm/sec
fiber laser: 200 cm/sec

Laser Power

40 – 120w

10 – 50w

CO2: 40-120w

Fiber: 10-50w

Sample :



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